Luxembourg Beer Coasters Guide.       Modesto: beer coasters from Spain and Portugal.
      Jose Benedicto: Spanish Posovatos.        Balint Elemer: Hungarian collector of exotic coasters
      Emilio Posovatez: Collector of exotic beer mats.         Kerocan: Turkish collector of exotic coasters.
      Enrique Solaesa: Collector of spanish posavasos.       Fernando Rui Silva: Collector of Bases de Copos.
      Roman Solovyev: Russian collector of beer coasters.        Ala Karanauskiene: Lithuanian collector.
      Patrizio Marini: Italian beer coasters collector.       Fabio Pesiguelo: Collector of Bolachas de Chopp.
      Beermat Mania: British and exotic coasters.       George Jordan: Greek collector of breweriana.
      Wikipedia: Definition of Beer Coaster / Mat.       Beer Coaster Mania: US Beer Coasters.
      Beer Finland: Finnish breweriana.       Dieter Beck: World breweries and Bierdeckel.
      Joan Solé: Collector of spanish beer mats.       Kool Koasters: Canadian microbreweries. Great site of exotic beer coasters.       Jimmy: Hungarian beer coasters collector.
      Kurt Creemers: Beer Coasters from Oceania.       Beer Mats Rule: Tegestology Site.
      In Loco: All about cerveja portuguesa.       Guinntiques: The Guinness Collectors Club.
      Mundo Cervecero: Site about cerveza, in spanish.       Goddy: Ucrainian beer coasters collector.